Adding Code Snippet to Any Website

Installing ActiveConvert requires cutting and pasting the code snippet from the "Code" link in your ActiveConvert dashboard. Once you are logged in, copy and paste this code into whichever pages of your website you'd like to trigger your campaigns. 

* If you're using WordPress, you can just use our WordPress Plugin to install ActiveConvert on your site instead of including the code described below.

We make it easy to add ActiveConvert to your website. Just follow the simple steps below. If you can't for the life of you get ActiveConvert running, your service may be blocking JavaScript

  1. Copy the code from the "Code" link in your Dashboard

  2. Open your web-page in a text editor (i.e. TextEdit, Notepad).
  3. Paste the ActiveConvert code anywhere in the web-page's HTML source. We recommend placing it in your <head> tag.
  4. Save your modified web page.
  5. Upload it to your web server.
  6. That's it, you are done!