My popup is not displaying

There are a few things that can cause you not to see your campaigns on your page.   Here are a few things you can verify that your campaign is set up properly.

1.  Did you include the code snippet in your webpage and publish the changes?  If using a plugin, please make sure the plugin is activated.  To check this, browse to the page on your site where you expect to see the popup and right click to view source on the page.  You should see a reference to the code snippet in the source code similar to this.

2. Did you already see the popup in this web browser session?  We only display the popup once per session by default, so it will only popup once during your testing unless you open a new browser.  You can also create a new private window or new incognito window in your browser to verify this.  Let the page load then move your mouse (on a desktop) slowly to the top of the page like you are leaving to navigate to a different url.  This should trigger the popup.

3.  Still having issues?  Send us a message and we can help out!