Create your first drip email Sequence

ActiveConvert makes it easy to not only build your subscribers through Campaigns, but also trigger outbound drip email sequences to help convert those subscribers into leads.  

Email Sent from Gmail

Unlike most other services, we send your emails right from your Gmail or G Suite accounts either using a @gmail address or your own email domain hosted with Google.  This ads more personalization so you can build a one on one relationship with your subscribers.  They will see the emails coming directly from you.

EmailSequence Set Up

We'll walk through setting up your first Drip Email sequence.

To set up a new email sequence, click on the Sequences link in the left-hand column.

You'll see your list of email sequences:

Click on a sequence to open it and you'll see an email called "Interest Email" in the left hand side.  You can add any number of emails to your sequence and set up when to send each subsequence email.

Also you'll see Settings, Reports, and Templates at the top of the Sequence.    If this is your first sequence and you haven't yet connected your account to Google, click on the red text to go to the Integrations page to set this up.

Connecting with Google

You will have to authorize ActiveConvert to send emails from your chosen Google Account on your behalf.  Click on Connect with Gmail to set this up.

Select which Gmail or G Suite account you'd like to send your drip emails from.

Accept the default authorizations.  We will simply use SMTP to send the email from your account and will not touch any of your other items.  Click Allow on this page.

After authorizing with Google, you'll be directed back to our Integrations page with the option to Send a Test Email.  Click this to verify your integration is working properly. 

Sequence Settings

Now that your Google integration is set up, let's continue with your first Email Sequence.

Each Email Step has a Template and the Content or body of the email message.  We provide 3 default email templates you can access on the Templates tab at the top of the sequence page.  You can modify the templates as needed with your Logo, your Business Address, and your brand.  Click the code tab to see the raw HTML.  Just make sure your template includes a {{content}} tag in the body of the template.  These is how we inject the email step content into the template before sending the email. 

On the Sequence settings, you can change the name, view the From Gmail address  configured, and choose which Campaigns will trigger this sequence.

Multi-Step Drip Email Sequences

Add as many Emails to your Drip Sequence as needed.  Each email step include unique content as well as different templates.

Preview your emails as you edit to verify the formatting is correct.

Finally, you can send yourself a test email of the step to check it out in different email clients.

Triggering Sequences from Overlay Campaigns

The real power in Drip Email by ActiveConvert is triggering sequences right from your Campaign Popups and overlays.  Each time someone subscribes to a form, you can automatically add them to your sequence and send them a series of emails.

Once you have a Sequence, you can go into each Campaign and choose which sequence you'd like to trigger.

That's it!  You're ready to start converting subscribers into customers!